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Raw form notes (non-edited, and typed on a mobile device, so don’t expect much sense from these) from the sessions I attended today:  Play make appreciate- Colleen Macklin and John Sharp Pet lab She design curriculum Boys and girls clubs Activate games .org Scad ties-john sharp Problems Sustainable? Creative writing similar problems fiction futures Game […]

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You knew it was coming.  Here they show 14/15 year olds who have their own apps in the marketplace and plan to make more apps….and a bunch of money. Here’s the link, if the video doesn’t show up:  

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Another Great TED Talk, by Gabe Zichermann Some highlights from the talk: 5 things that INcrease Fluid Intelligence (problem solving skills) Seek Novelty Challenge yourself Think Creatively Do things the hard Way Network Gabe’s PRESCRIPTION: Play games with kids, get into the game trend with your kids understand the dynamic of the game, and how […]

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So, the remainder of day one was awesome, learned a ton about the industry, just how big it is, what other leading institutions are doing and what/how students are going to benefit from and accomplish. I’m having a hard time remembering all that was dumped into my head over the last couple of days- I […]

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5:43 am – I awake. Thinking about how strange it was yesterday to be a minority in this city. Cities in general have diverse populations, but San Francisco is truly truly diverse – at least where I am. I heard so many different languages, saw so many different “styles” of people, really eye opening.  I […]

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If the video doesn’t load below, you can click here

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I think this video sums up the importance and relevance of why we are launching the Game Design and Development Program at Wilmington University. I really can’t wait for the day when I can tell my son that he can get power-ups for brushing his teeth and taking the trash out, and that I get […]

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Along with those books from the title – you might as well add the Clay Shirky video from TED about Social Media and how the landscape is changing. That article in WIRED about how the Rise of the Templates is the beginning of the end of computing as we know it, it’s true. Anyone who […]