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WOW! It’s been over 3 years since I wrote that last entry…
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A LOT has changed since then! Personally and professionally, many things have happened, and most of it captured in social media posts rather than here. However, there has been a few times I posted a reflection back to this blog for predictions that I made that have come true.  So here’s a few more:

Apple, since moving away from the “Computers” and professional focus level of their machines and software will become even more focused on the fickle consumer, and will have a break off / spin off company that will start small and take part in powerful computing that is again super expensive and focused around the top 10% that they have abandoned. Most likely it will not be pixar like, or even anything like the early Apple macintosh days – something completely new I hope. Apple will continue to dominate until the next generation of folks with disposable income come to realize that Apple is their parents company and not theirs, and eventually move away from what their parents and grandparents are using. It just won’t be cool anymore, and they will leave Apple behind. Which makes me sad now…

Windows and Google will continue to merge into some weird OS, until Google finally takes it over into a homogenized operating system for all, with a new manufacturer that will replace Apple with awesome hardware that is also friendly to mission and purpose of this coming generation. Microsoft will also be replaced in business as well as personal computing since they have yet to really adopt a truly mobile platform that doesn’t run on their phone devices, do they even still make Windows Phone? It would be best for them to cut all of the losses on their products early and simply turn into the xBox company and focus on making great entertainment and education software that is immersive like the Meta-verse found in Ready Player One, The Daemon, and Snow Crash. Business will be happening much faster and more mobile than it is now, micro transactions replaced by peer to peer type gateways that puts more money in the pocket without paying for transfer fees, but somewhere, someone will put together that system that has a catch. Money people do it for the money, and not for the good of the people.

E sports will continue to grow and more and more titles will start to get bigger attention in the media and the players of these games will be the superstars of the younger generation.

VR Rigs will come and go being replaced by Holo Decks by the xBox Company, and start off in small theater-like entertainment hubs, before becoming affordable to put in your own holo decks at home, and yes gamers will still be stuck in the basement. Or the tech could evolve where you no longer have to decorate your house, you do it through smart projectors like we’ve been seeing with projection mapping, but the surfaces will be better and more attuned for this purpose. Mood rooms will come and go as well.

Robots will finally start to appear in the mainstream, mainly as pets that never poop on the carpet or eat the trash, or your favorite pair of shoes. They will be better than the tamagachi, creepy ass furby’s, and Suzy-wet-her-pants of the past and have real personalities and qualities that evolve – hopefully never towards the robot overlords that we all know are coming.

Will we ever get flying cars? I hope not, have you driven on 95 recently? How about Main Street? I just got rear-ended by someone not paying attention, and no it wasn’t a cell phone – just bad driving. …and you want flying cars? Oh HELL no!! Maybe drones can finally deliver something other than fear and insurance issues, but I doubt that too. Hopefully someone filmed our presentation two years ago at the Tech Forum of Delaware’s IDEA challenge?

I hope that in five years all textbooks that are physically printed will stop being made, and our kids can stop getting horrible posture by carrying 50 pounds of texts when everything they could possibly need is already on a tablet. There should be a process that each region of the world keeps limited copies of the books in print as kind of a museum – that would bring value to books, add mystery and excitement back to them because there’s only a few in the world…

Writing in general will adapt too…..emoticons and abbreviations and all things mobile typing will improve to not only accept these forms of written communication but embrace them instead of seeing them as lazy or incorrect because your teacher doesn’t understand them or that they are improper – I think they’re wonderful, its like modern Hieroglyphics!! They are way more efficient forms of communication! There has always been formal communications versus familiar, so lets stop trying to eliminate how people are communicating and actually learn wtf peeps are txting to EO.

Education systems still want to use linear methods of engagement and “gamification” which I find irritating…I teach game design and whenever I hear the term Gamification, I sigh, and have to explain and basically discount what explanation of why its a needed change in how people learn….It’s nothing new, my science teacher did it in his biology class in 1984. Its a value /sacrifice model.  How much value do you get in sacrificing the time spent? How much fun is in it for yourself? Those concepts aren’t new, and to throw around a term, to call it something, when we should just be focusing on engaging strategies for learning. Just teach with excitement and enthusiasm and purpose – those methods can always adapt to your students learning style and needs. Except for that one kid who just doesn’t want to be there, but if the rest of the class is moving forward and having fun, that’s all you can ask for.

<steps off Soap Box>


I hope it won’t be another 3 years for a blog post……




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